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Interview with Amar Sawhney

In Vivo interviews device entrepreneur Amar Sawhney whose engineering background led him to Focal Inc. There Sawhney … [Read more...]

Interview with Fred Khosravi

In Vivo interviews device entrepreneur Fred Khosravi about his secrets for success in medical device company creation. … [Read more...]

Fred Khosravi & Amar Sawhney: Dynamic Device Development Duo

Located on opposite coasts and with complementary skill sets, Fred Khosravi, founder of EndoTex, teamed up with Amar … [Read more...]

Access Closure: FDA Clearance – Yes; Product Launch – Not Yet

Sometimes just getting FDA approval isn't enough. AccessClosure got FDA clearance of its PMA vascular closure device, … [Read more...]

Fred Khosravi and AccessClosure

Farhad Khosravi (also known as Fred Khosravi), co-founder, president, and chief executive officer of AccessClosure … [Read more...]