Trading room instant messaging communications now get faster

AVT resells NextPlane to eliminate the need to juggle between multiple unified communications interfaces on the trading floor.

Mountain View, California May 29, 2010 – NextPlane, a leading provider of enterprise class federation solutions for unified communication platforms, today announces that AVT Systems ( ), a specialist provider of trader voice and compliance solutions, will now sell NextPlane products and services. AVT specializes in serving the financial services industry and with NextPlane Federation Server and NextPlane Federation Cloud in their portfolio, AVT now offers the leading solution for federating major UC platforms and eliminates the need to juggle between multiple instant messaging (IM) interfaces on the trading floor.

“Traders need quick, reliable communication with clients and fellow traders wherever they are and whatever system they are using – the quicker, the better, “ says Mike Fenton, CEO of AVT. “We decided to integrate NextPlane’s unified communication solution into our trading communications portfolio because we know how vital unified communications is becoming for traders.”

Traders today might have four or five different communications platforms running concurrently. NextPlane provides the connection between different UC platforms so that users can message each other in a way that is secure and compliant, even though they are using different operating systems. So, for example, a trader in a company that uses Microsoft’s OCS unified messaging system can use IM to communicate with a trader in a company using IBM Lotus Sametime. They can also see who is online and available across different platforms.

NextPlane Federation

NextPlane Federation addresses the growing need for enterprise class federation across Microsoft OCS 2007 R2, OCS 2007 & LCS 2005, IBM Sametime, Cisco Jabber XCP, OpenFire, Google Apps, and Google Talk. NextPlane extends presence-aware collaboration and communication beyond what unified communication (UC) platforms permit by offering unique capabilities as such presence, multi-party federation chat, voice calls, domain sharing, migration, and coexistence of multiple UC environments.

“NextPlane solutions will allow traders to streamline their communications with clients and partners by removing the current requirement to use multiple UC systems on the trading floor” says Farzin Shahidi, CEO of NextPlane. “AVT, with its expertise serving the investment industry, is a great solution provider for traders.”

Available as either an in-house server-based solution or as a cloud-based service, NextPlane solutions deliver UC agnostic federation across all modes of communications including instant messaging, multi-user chat, persistent chat rooms, Web conferencing, voice and video.

AVT Solutions

AVT highlighted the revolution that trading room communication is going through in its white paper “The Trading Room of the Future”, including increasing use of IM, and offered advice on new technologies that can track, record and store all trade-related communication as part of its compliance solutions. NextPlane is an important part of AVT’s portfolio of communications solutions. This portfolio also includes FaceTime technology, which allows traders to use IM as part of their communications in a way that complies with legislation.

About NextPlane

NextPlane is the leading provider of enterprise class federation solutions for unified communication (UC) platforms, including Microsoft OCS 2007 R2, OCS 2007 and LCS 2005, IBM Sametime, and Cisco Jabber XCP, OpenFire, Google Apps, and Google Talk. With NextPlane, organizations are enabling end-users from different organizations – even different companies – to work together as if they were served by the same UC platform, using shared presence information, instant messaging, multi-user chat, voice and other features. For more information, visit

About AVT

AVT is a specialist in trader voice & compliance solutions. It provides applications, systems and services to the dealing room environments (front and back office), including:

  • Voice solutions: a full range of hardware (dealerboard and voice recording) systems and support services; and software including voice recording and analytics (based on Autonomy software)
  • Compliance solutions, such as data leakage prevention, risk monitoring, information governance and archiving, all of which use Autonomy as their core technology
  • IT services, including: security services (delivered via sister company, Network Box); and system management
  • Bespoke solutions: tailor-made trader systems, using Autonomy technology

Since inception AVT has consistently been an innovator in the trading market. These innovations include:

  • Specialized displays and price reporting for the London Metal Exchange
  • Voice recognition for the control of Windows (Voice Server for Windows)
  • Conference record and playback system to record morning meetings for anytime playback
  • The first VoIP ‘hoot & holler’ system in the City
  • The first VoIP conferencing system for a regional stockbroker as long ago as 1998
  • Electronic transaction system for Foreign Exchange, used by Bank of New York, Dresdner, UBS and FX. All since bought by Thomson Reuters
  • Development of Ceryx to capture deals on the phone and present voice files for back office which provides confirmation in 60 seconds, rather than 30 minutes

For further information, please contact:

Farzin Shahidi
Telephone: (650) 305-7404

For more information, or to speak to Mike Fenton at AVT, please contact:

Kate Hartley
Carrot Communications
Tel: 0771 406 5233