Incept is an effective vehicle for promotion and advancement of technology innovation and entrepreneurship with a primary focus in the life-sciences space, and occasional involvement in unique and select information-technology opportunities, where Incept’s management and financing depth is found to be transferable to the IT space. ┬áIncept’s mission is to innovate leadership product lines, meeting the important unmet technological needs of the medical technology space while cultivating leaders who build superb companies focused on growth and creation of shareholder value.

Incept’s investment thesis is agnostic vis a vis scale of the opportunity (large or small), but is resolute in three critical proposition:

  1. improving state-of-the-art
  2. forming build-to-last teams and companies
  3. cultivating future entrepreneurial leaders

Amar SawhneyCo-Founder and Managing Partner

Among his responsibilities at Incept, Amar currently serves as the Founder, President and CEO of Ocular Therapeutix, Inc., an Incept start-up focused on solving…

Fred KhosraviCo-Founder and Managing Partner

Fred Khosravi is a Silicon Valley medical device entrepreneur who, over the past decade, has founded and helped launch a number of highly valued start-ups…