Immigrant Scientists Launch Braintrust – Create 1000 American Jobs

Amar Sawhney is featured in an article on the Immpreneur website

Learn how Amar Sawhney, who arrived in the U.S with only $500, co founded and launched Incept, an innovative science incubator that’s created nine businesses, 1,000 American jobs, 120 patents and generated over $1billion in revenue.

In 1983, Amar Sawhney came to the U.S from his native India, with only $500 in his pocket, a fellowship at the University of Texas to study chemical engineering, and an unusually inquiring mind. Thirty years later, he is the co-founder of Incept, an innovative Boston-based medical device “company-creator,” that has nurtured nine businesses, created more than 1,000 American jobs, registered an excess of 120 patents—and produced no failures.

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