Ocular Therapeutix Commences a Sustained Release Travoprost Punctum Plug Feasibility Study for Treatment of Glaucoma

Study will evaluate reduction in intraocular pressure and product retention.

Ocular Therapeutix, Inc. announced today the commencement of a sustained release travoprost-loaded punctum plug feasibility study for the treatment of glaucoma.

Up to twenty patients will be enrolled at Singapore National Eye Center and the National University Hospital in Singapore. Patients with documented ocular hypertension or open-angle glaucoma are eligible for the study. Primary endpoints include intraocular pressure reduction from baseline and retention of the plug through 30 days. This study will be the first in a series, with later studies extending the length of travoprost delivery to a treatment period of several months.

“Our initial patients are showing significant drops in intraocular pressure by day three which is very promising,” stated Shamira Perera, M.D., principal investigator at the Singapore National Eye Center. “Additionally, the product is very easy to use, and has not caused any discomfort upon insertion or during the retention period for any of our patients.”

Ocular Therapeutix’s travoprost-loaded punctum plugs use the company’s proprietary polyethylene glycol hydrogel technology to release drug in a sustained fashion. At the end of the treatment period, the plug begins to degrade, and exits the nasolacrimal system without need for removal by the physician. Each plug contains a visualization agent for retention monitoring throughout the treatment period.

“Positive results from this study will establish efficacy of our resorbable travoprost-loaded punctum plug technology, providing a stepping stone for advancements of this product with longer-term therapies” said Amar Sawhney, Ph.D., President and CEO of Ocular Therapeutix, Inc.

About Ocular Therapeutix, Inc.:

Founded in November 2006, Ocular Therapeutix, Inc. is a privately held company based in Bedford, MA, focused on the development and commercialization of ophthalmic therapeutic products using its proprietary hydrogel technology. Ocular Therapeutix is using its hydrogel technology for development of a variety of ophthalmic applications including hydrogel sealants for ocular surface protection, drug-eluting punctal plugs for treatment of various anterior segment diseases, and with therapeutic agents for back-of-the-eye diseases.

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